Flavour obsession

As I do every year at the same time, before Xmas I started to get a bit obsessed about baking.  It starts off with seeing some prettily presented, home baked Xmas gifts and quickly grows into this need to try new things. My husband loves it. He gets to try new things most days, I … Continue reading

Beauti-Fuel; the magic of aromatherapy

Aroma Science “the chemistry and bioactivity of essential oils”  Fancy term for real life magic using the power of aromatherapy. Le’Esscience is one of those magical sources and Gillian is the lady behind the magic.  She’s a qualified clinical aromascience practitioner – it’s part of what sets her apart from all the others; she legitimately knows … Continue reading

New Year, new challenges

New Year, new challenges

It wouldn’t be a new year without setting some new challenges for ones self now would it? First challenge – start updating blog again (I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s been a reaaalllly long time between posts!).  Check. Second challenge – stop talking about it and start promoting myself.  Well I guess this … Continue reading

People who need people

A rare piece on Stuff.co.nz explicitly drew links between the high rates of abuse of Māori children and colonisation. From that article: … I think that model of the nuclear family, the domest… Source: People who need people

The Controversy Over Choice.

Many of us as parents make choices for our kids every day.  We feed them oatmeal for breakfast instead of cookies because we know it is what will start their day in the best way.  We choose to clot… Source: The Controversy Over Choice.